We have very loved and cared for dogs here; unfortunately, they do not have as personalized attention as they would receive in a private family. This helps them grow up with very good education and socialization, which makes them fully balanced adults.

There comes a time in their life when, for one reason or another (they are not going to raise or withdraw from exhibitions), we would like to find them a family that loves them and pampers them as they deserve. Someone who has enough love and time to give them the attention they require.

Not all dogs are the same; each one has its qualities, characteristics that make them have different needs. Some are perfect to be around children; others require a quiet life; some need a lot of daily exercises, and much more. We must find them the home that best suits their way of being.

All dogs that are given up for adoption will have:

  • Official health card
  • Age-relevant vaccinations and deworming
  • Microchip

We also offer information on how to take care, feeding, hygiene, and training for an unlimited time.

To carry out the delivery, it will be mandatory for the adopting family to agree to take care of the dog, not to sell it, and not to give it away. We want to make sure that the commitment is 100% so that both the family and the dog benefit from this. We will not give up any of our furry friends if we believe that the family that loves them is not the ideal one for them to spend the rest of their life with.

If, after reading this, you think that the time has come to adopt one of our dogs, contact us.

Do you want to adopt?