This little fox-like fuzzy adapts to living in the city and the country without a problem. Due to their character, they must be educated to accept children.
Their life expectancy is 12 to 16 years.
It is an active, cheerful breed, always alert, vivacious, loving, and cuddly.


The Pomeranian loves being around their humans, and they are very protective. In general, it is a dog that barks a lot if it is not trained and educated well, becoming aggressive and dominant. They like to be the center of attention and can be suspicious in the presence of any strange situation or person.

It is an active dog, which can live both in the city and in the country. They do not usually get along with young children due to their strong character, but with proper education, that can be changed.

If you will live with another animal or pet, it is better to do it when it is still a puppy.


In general, the Pomeranian is a puppy that is in good health, is hardy, and can live for many years. Like all little ones, they can suffer patella luxation. Some skin diseases or collapsed trachea may be frequent. With proper hygiene and a daily routine of care, most health problems that may appear are avoided.

Like almost all “toy” breeds, cavities can develop at an early age. Weekly brushing of the teeth with a brush and specific toothpaste will prevent these dental problems.

Remember: “Adequate nutrition and exercise are the basis of good health”.


It is very important to brush it daily from a puppy, never less than twice a week, to avoid the accumulation of dead hair, especially in the period of shedding from puppy to adult hair, which is more or less until eight months.

We recommend that you check the ears and eyes daily, removing any blemishes that appear. Their nails grow very fast, so they need to be trimmed often.

It is better not to bathe them too much so that they do not lose their essential oils. Once a month or every month and a half is enough. After bathing, avoid getting cold by drying it first with the towel and then with the dryer on medium gas.

Brush their teeth every weekto avoid cavities and to keep their teeth in adulthood.

Take him to the vet to empty the anal glands once a month. This will avoid unwanted infections.

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