Statement of intents

– LAS DAMAS Y LAS PEDROSAS it is not our livelihood; it is our life itself.

– We expect that when you and your pets leave here, you do so with a smile on your face.

– It may seem pretentious, but with our little moves, we try to make a better world for everyone.

– Living with a furry one is an experience that every one of us should have. But only with responsibility.

– Think two and three times, or whatever it takes, before buying a dog. There are other alternatives.

– We think animal neglect is disgusting. Those who do have no soul nature will surely punish them.

– Every one of the animals must be respected, cared for, and loved. We start with the closest ones.

– We are more interested in doing what we like than making money. And this is immovable.

– We like to think that somehow we share love and affection. We hope you think the same way.

– We want to promote responsible pet ownership. If it is not going to be one of the family, do not have a pet.

– If necessary, we will use as much time as required to help you. If you are happy, so do we.

We are here to help!