Do you want a puppy to accompany your family?


You are in the perfect place to get one.

If you aren’t yet, lucky enough to share your life with a furry companion and you are thinking of growing your family, here we will make your dream come true. We will guide you to choose the puppy that best suits your characteristics and needs.

We have classified them by size into three different groups, all the breeds with which we live in the center. In this way, it will be easier for you to find the ideal puppy. We recommend that you carefully review the characteristics of the breed you choose. It is a fundamental step to make the best choice.

Each breed has peculiarities that make it unique. That is why you should read about them before deciding on one. Are you a couple without children? Are there children in the family? Do you like to take long walks? Do you spend little time at home? These are questions that you must answer before deciding on one breed.

Introducing a furry into the home is a wonderful process. So be patient and start researching now.

Our Breeds

Cachorro de Shiba Inu

Average Size

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