What is criadorcanino.com

We started long ago taking care of the dogs of our family and friends when they went on vacation. We had enough space to do it, but above all, we love being around dogs. As soon as you give them, they give you back a lot. Those of you who have a dog at home know what he’s talking about us.

We did not know of any residence for pets in Burgos, and we realized that we had an excellent opportunity to live on something that we were passionate about. So we decided to create our pet residence. There are many who, since then, have come to our center, either to leave their pet for a while, to take care of its aesthetics, or to take one of our puppies to complete their family.

That is the seed of criadorcanino.com, the root of what we are today.

But why stay only in Burgos? In the age of communication, we had to expand our passion, and that is why we made this website. It was in 2015 when we had the idea of putting behind a screen everything we can offer, what we have achieved, and what we do for a living.

What do we offer?

– The well-being of your pet and peace of mind for you when you cannot be with it.

– The aesthetic improvement and the care of the hair of your beloved animal when it needs it.

– Complement the home of those of you who lack a furry at home.

What have we achieved?

– A dog center with facilities equipped with all the comforts one would expect from a first-class residence.

– A human team that loves animals and dedicated body and soul to ensure that everything works perfectly.

– Champion dogs who are loved and admired, and who, of course, do not know what it is to live in cages, something that, unfortunately, we have seen too much.

What do we do?

We work very hard, but with enthusiasm. Because we like it, and it fills us. Because it is a reward to see the happiness on the faces of those who pick up their furry friend after having been in our hands for a while, regardless of the duration.

We would love for you to receive those good vibrations that we try to transmit at every step, every day, and every moment that we are at our center. If you are thinking of visiting us or telling us something, go ahead, do not hesitate.

We are here to help!