Beagles are small to medium in size. They have one of the best senses of smell in the canine world. Without a doubt, a breed with a lot of history.
Their life expectancy ranges from 12 to 15 years.
They are generally friendly, gentle, gentle, determined, excitable, and intelligent.

The Beagle is a very appropriate sociable dog to have in homes with children. It can spend hours playing and running with them. They are very territorial with their home and family, withdrawn and distant when they are with strangers, but they are not aggressive at all.

Despite being intelligent, it is not as easy to train it as it is in dogs of other breeds, so you must arm yourself with patience to get it to follow your orders.

It is a dog that is easily distracted because of its highly developed sense of smell. You have to always carry it on a leash when you take it out to the street, so you will prevent it from running away from you to investigate the smells that attract its attention.

Loves spending time outdoors. Running and exploring are activities that he loves, as well as being cuddled by family members. With this dog, you have to be prepared to give and receive a lot of love.


They are an easy-care breed that does not usually have serious health problems. However, you must take certain precautions.

Ticks and fleas can affect all breeds, but the curious nature of our Beagle makes it get into dirty places that can be a source of parasites. We recommend using pipettes or antiparasitic collars to avoid problems.

By having large and drooping ears, infections can occur if you do not maintain good hygiene.

Some of the eye conditions they may suffer from are cataracts, dysplasias, or glaucomas.

They tend to have their nose glued to the ground sniffing everything, so they can easily be introduced by a foreign body that blocks their airways.


The Beagle is a dog that sheds a lot of hair, so you should brush it two or three times a week, at least.

The adult Beagle’s bath should be done once a month at most; it is a serious mistake to bathe it too much. It must be brushed before bathing to remove dead hair. Avoid at all costs that water enters their ears; they can become infected due to their long ears. The tartar that accumulates on the teeth can cause bad odor and health problems. Educate them from a young age to brush their teeth; otherwise, it will be challenging for them to allow you to do it when they are an adult. This furry needs a lot of exercise and play because they are very active. Try to wear a leash that gives you room to track.