German Shepherd

A great animal with a beautiful bearing where they exist. He loves being with humans and is always willing to learn new things. Its ease of obedience, together with its formidable relationship with children, make this breed the ideal companion dog for many. Although it can adapt, an apartment is not the perfect place for you to live.
Their life expectancy is 9 to 13 years.
Obedient,curious, brave, loyal, confident, and intelligent dog.

Courage and resistance in nervous situations are innate characteristics of the German Shepherd —a balanced dog where they exist, with unmatched loyalty.

It is a great companion dog. Always loyal, protective, and attentive to every member of the family. Neutral with strangers but attentive to what might happen.

His constant attention and protective instinct make him a suitable guardianfor your home. Plus, you will enjoy doing these tasks.

The specimens of this breed need early socialization so that their behavior is appropriate, both with animals and humans, with whom they have contact for the first time.

This dog must have an alpha leader of the pack if it will live with other pets.

This way, you will not have any problem. Due to its good nature, the German Shepherd is great with children. Of course, children must know how to respect the animal, and the dog must know how to treat them so as not to hurt them when playing accidentally. Ideally, the dog knows that one of you is the leader. The children go after, and he is the last in the hierarchy.


Hip dysplasia and glaucoma are some of the main ailments that specimens of this breed can suffer, and they are of genetic origin. This has a lot to do with the massive and irresponsible breeding of some humans. To prevent these diseases from being passed from one generation to another, we recommend that you ask the breeder for certificates and pedigree.

Distemper may be the most well-known problem of these dogs. It has a viral origin and is avoided with vaccination.

With bacterial origin, the conditions most treated in the breed are leptospirosis, canine brucellosis, mastitis, and pyometra.

Finally, we name you the most common ailments in the German Shepherd transmitted by parasites. These are sarcopathic scabies, pododesmastitis, and demodectic scabies.


You have to apply this rule; The smaller the place where you live, the more you need to go out and expend your energy to keep fit. This dog is not made for those who like to spend a lot of time at home.

It goes without saying that a healthy and balanced diet that meets your energy needs is essential for its maintenance.

Brushing your furry friend’s teeth regularly is essential to prevent oral diseases. The appearance of bacterial plaque can cause bad breath and deterioration of your teeth, with the consequences that this entails.

You should not bathe a German Shepherd too much. Once a month at the most will suffice under normal conditions. After bathing, you have to remove the excess water with a towel. Finally, use the dryer at medium temperature and without bringing it too close to avoid burning it.

For this dog to have healthy and shiny hair, it must be brushed every day. By having double-layer hair, they lose a lot of hair, especially in the shedding season.

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