Poodles are very receptive when it comes to learning. It is one of the so-called hypoallergenic dogs since they barely shed hair.
Its life expectancy depends on the variety.
They are cheerful, playful, very active, organized, energetic, and excellent with children.


We recommend the Poodle to families who have not lived with a dog before. It adapts very well to living in flats and can be easily carried with children. They need to be continuously socialized so that you don’t have behavior problems.

They love to be continuously accompanied. You don’t have to leave it alone for long periods at home. It is preferable to interact with other animals and people of all kinds from puppies, but always with your supervision to avoid mishaps and bad experiences.

You must use positive training to educate them. You will see that they are a brilliant dog that learns very quickly. He likes to play a lot, be it ball or hunting.


The Poodle does not have serious diseases derived from the breed. The most common ailments that can develop are elbow dislocation, otitis in the ears, and ocular glaucoma. A veterinarian can treat otitis and glaucoma, but dislocation can only be controlled not to cause discomfort.

According to health surveys in the United Kingdom, Denmark, and Canada, the Poodle has an average life of 11.5 to 12 years. According to these surveys, only 35% of the specimens died from the disease.

Remember: “The basis of good health is proper diet and exercise“.


As the Poodle is a delicate breed, you must always feed it with a good quality feed. You need strict control of the portions to avoid overweight.

It requires brushes and specific products for the hair. If they are specific for the breed, much better. Its curly coat is very characteristic and needs special care.

You have to clean their tear ducts and comb them every day. As for the bathroom, once a month will be enough. Your ears also need cleaning and monitoring. The first thing is to remove the hairs from inside, and then maintenance with cleaner every ten days or so.

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