It depends on where we are sending a puppy; we will use different methods. Transport company or even taking the puppy ourselves, you decide. The most important thing is the well-being of your dog during the trip.
Either way, the price will vary depending on the destination to which we must send the pet.


To make our shipments to the peninsula, Mallorca, and Menorca, we use one of the leading companies in the sector, MRW. His seriousness and experience in the transport of pets is something that we value very positively. We need to offer you the best possible service for your peace of mind and the good of the puppies on their journey to their new home.
MRW has a service specialized in the urgent transfer of animals. This service is carried out with vehicles specially designed and equipped for the transfer of pets on long journeys.
Its vehicles have air conditioning controlled via software, which allows maintaining a controlled temperature of 20 degrees in winter and 22 in summer, with surfaces that are easy to clean and sanitize, interior light, and independent ventilation systems.
They also have glazed waiting rooms, designed and exclusive for pets, with a team of veterinarians that guarantees complete control of the condition of the animals.
Shipping process
An MRW courier will come to our center to pick up your puppy, which will be transferred to the MRW office, and from there to its nearest Operating Platform, it will link to the corresponding long-distance Conditioned Route.
Upon arrival at the next Platform, you will rest in a conditioned waiting room to receive veterinary attention.
After the break, your pet will travel on a second long-distance Conditioned Routeto the destination city.
First thing in the morning of the next day, an MRW courier will deliver the pet to your home.
They are calculated based on the size and volumetric weight, so the exact amount cannot be known until the puppy is collected. Also, it would be necessary to add any special characteristics of the service, complimentary services, additional supplements, and the procedures and documents that were necessary.


For reasons beyond our control, we cannot send your pet employing a transport company to Ibiza or any of the Canary Islands. So you only have two possibilities, come and pick it up yourself or we will take it to you personally.


In case you choose that we take your pet with us, the price is € 450 per dog. If any extra documentation or complimentary services are needed, it should be added to the previous price.


These types of shipments will always be personalized. We have taken dogs to France, Switzerland, or Saudi Arabia, to give a few examples. Each destination has its peculiarities, and each airline has its rates, so it is impossible for us to provide a flat rate for this type of transfer.

If you need us to take your new friend abroad, ask us about the price.

We are here to help!

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