Labrador Retriever

The breed with the most registered specimens in the world. Much to blame for this is their nobility, their ability to learn, and their pretty good-natured dog appearance. Of course, it is pure energy. You need a lot of physical and mental exercise to keep the line.
Their life expectancy is 10 to 14 years.
Of a kind,intelligent, agile, gentle, outgoing, and confident character.

It fits perfectly into family life. Being balanced, it can be easily trained. Playing ball is one of their favorite games because they like to carry objects in their mouths.

This big man needs to have their physical and mental exercise needs covered at all costs. If not, they will become hyperactive, which means destroying the house and even attempts to escape.

Their capacity for work, self-control, and their emotional balancemake them perfect to be a guide dog and a dog to use in therapy. But if you are thinking of taking a Labrador home with you, you need free time to ensure that they do not eat what they should not and teach them not to seek excessive attention and thus ensure that they do not suffer from separation anxiety.

The Labrador wants to play and is very patient with the little ones in the house, perfect qualities for them to have an excellent relationship with children.

They usually avoid fights and being well socialized. They are friendly with other dogs. It is the right choice if you are going to have more than one dog at home.


These dogs are gluttonous by nature, so if you are not careful, what you will have is an obese dog. It is better to feed them several small portions of food throughout the day rather than giving them all at once. With this, you will help the gastric swelling or torsion not appear.

Genetic diseases such as hip and elbow dysplasia are typical in Labradors —something very common in large purebred dogs.

Cataracts, including juvenile cataracts, are the most widespread ocular pathology among Labradors.

Large lipomas (lumps on the body) may also appear. They are benign tumors that must be removed not to affect their mobility.


You must constantly review the diet of a Labrador Retriever. Because as we said previously, it is very gluttonous and tends to gain weight easily. The servings must adhere to those indicated, without forgetting to discount the prizes you give them throughout the day.

Another task that you have to perform is to brush your furry’s teeth periodically. And not just for their teeth, but for their stomach as well. A healthy mouth grinds food properly and makes the rest of the bodywork better.

Bathe your Labrador only if necessary, with a specific shampoo for dogs that preserves its pH. To dry, remove the excess water with a towel and finish the job using the dryer at a medium temperature without bringing it too close to your skin.

Two to three times a weekis the frequency with which you will have to brush a specimen of this breed. This keeps your coat clean by removing dirt and dead hair.

Do not forget to provide your dose of physical and mental exercise every day.

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