7 things you should know before buying a Siberian husky

Are you considering buying a Siberian husky? There is no doubt that it is a beautiful type of dog and has a lot of personality.
But what should I know before buying it? The following 7 things will be of great help to you:

Things to consider when buying a Siberian husky

A Siberian husky is not bought every day. Of course, to do it the right way, without regret, it is important to read these tips:

  • Exercise: it is a dog that needs a lot of exercises, so you will have to have time to take it out every day for a run.
  • Space: the Siberian husky requires enough space at home because it will be running from here to there. It is better if you have a large terrace or a garden.
  • Weather: it is very important also to be careful with the weather. On days of the year, when the weather is warm, you may feel uncomfortable or fall ill. It is better if you live in an area with colder climates. However, if you live in a warm area and want to buy the Siberian husky anyway, try to keep it in shady and air-conditioned areas.
  • Shed a lot of hair: if you are going to have it on a floor or you are a very fussy person of cleanliness or order, keep in mind that due to its thick coat, this breed of dog loses a lot of hair. You must brush it frequently and live practically with the vacuum cleaner in hand.
  • Training classes: know that the Siberian husky has been raised to be with a leader, so you will have to behave as such. Make them spend time with you, and do not miss some training and obedience classes.
  • Food: does this dog eat a lot or a little? The truth is that although it has a lot of energy and is a dog that does not stop all day, it needs small portions of food.
  • How does he behave around other pets? If you have more dogs or even cats, surely you are concerned about their behavior with them. You should know that it has strong predatory instincts with domestic animals, so they will not be safe in the same house.

However, remember that if you buy the Siberian husky at Las Damas, you make sure that it is a genuine breed dog and trained and socialized. So you must take it into account.

Do you have any questions? We will be happy to answer you without obligation.

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