We take care of your puppy during summer: learn about our kennels

Are you looking for a kennel for the summer? If you want excellent caregivers to take care of your puppy while you go on vacation, in Las Damas y Las Pedrosas, it will always be in the best hands.

Canine residence for the summer

Leaving a dog in a kennel during the summer when we are not away or going on vacation is always the best option. You should never leave home alone, much less with a stranger, because you could get stressed out and have a hard time, especially if you spend most of the day alone.

The ideal is to find a center for the dog to be cared for and attended 24 hours a day. Above all, because this type of residence has state-of-the-art facilities and equipped with everything necessary for the enjoyment of the dog; a large recreation area, a heated shed so that they are at a reasonable temperature, and individual boxes, so that they do not have to share a room with other dogs.

The dogs must be monitored 24 hours, that is why we have video surveillance and also a veterinary service so that a professional can attend to the pet if any emergency occurs. Making sure they are in the best hands at all times.

By having a kennel at hand, you will gain peace of mind because you will leave much more relaxed, whether it is a trip for work or pleasure. You will know that it is in the hands of professionals and that nothing bad can happen to it.

Also, the prices we offer are highly competitive. The more days the pet stays, the cheaper the stay per night. So you can go quiet as long as you need that will be fine.

Why is it better to leave a dog in residence?

In the residences, the dogs can play with other dogs and make friends. Of course, he will miss you because you are his master, and he loves you, but it is also important that he learns to socialize with other pets and gets used to it. Also, he is sure to have fun playing with other dogs.

But there is also a human company because those who work in these residences adore them and always be by their side, ensuring that they are always well. And let’s not forget all the space they will have to run and play.

Enjoy your vacation in peace, and leave your best friend in a kennel this summer. We take care of it!!

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