3 benefits of raising your child with a dog

If you have a child, he has likely asked you to have a puppy. And why not? From a child’s perspective, a puppy is like a stuffed animal that they can hug, play with, and cuddle with. But not everything is easy having a little one and a dog at home. Or yes. Mainly if it refers to raising your child with a dog.

In Las Damas Criadores Caninos, we discuss the benefits of raising your child with a dog. 

Raising your child with a dog, the best for their education and growth

The presence of pets at home when you have a baby has very positive effects on the child’s development. The interaction of babies with dogs has great benefits on the cognitive and locomotor development of the baby.

In children between 2 and 6 years old, having a pet brings them socio-educational and health benefits. Also, having this type of playmate motivates them to be more creative.

But what are the best benefits for your child? 

They teach values

Having a dog in the house instills in children the responsibility to take care of an animal and be responsible. Children like to feel that they have an animal in their care that they must protect and care for, and with this, they learn to understand, love, and care for animals.

Assuming responsibilities from a young age is the best way to generate responsible adults. 

They help create friendship bonds

It is no coincidence that dogs are also known as “Human’s best friend” since they are there whenever you need them, and they are very loyal. Your children see dogs as another member of the family, a companion to share their time with and turn to when they feel lonely.

In addition to beginning to conceive loyalty and friendship as basic pillars in their way of relating. 

Fun and entertaining

The company of dogs is always enjoyable, and by their very nature, dogs are amusing and create situations that make us laugh a lot (when they fall, when they play… etc.) Your children, in addition to spending time playing with them, can entertain themselves by teaching them tricks such as pawing, lying down, or sitting down, which can be very stimulating for them.

Do you want your child to grow up with a furry companion? Contact us. 

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