My dog gets scared by firecrackers, what should I do?

Unfortunately, many dogs are scared of firecrackers. It is a suffering for our pets but also the dogs themselves. Therefore, we want to tell you what you can do to prevent this from happening.

What to do if your dog is frightened by firecrackers?

When there are parties and firecrackers or fireworks are thrown, the dogs have a terrible time. Sometimes, it’s like they have a feeling because hours before the show starts, they are already nervous and scared. The smell of gunpowder, perhaps?

Be that as it may, you should know that your dog is not the only one affected by this problem. It is very common in dogs, and there is something you can do to prevent them from getting scared

But first, why does it happen? Let’s just say. Many reasons can cause dogs to have a hard time with these loud noises. It may be due to not being used to it, due to overprotection, or due to a previous traumatic experience. There are many reasons.

But you should know that it is normal. You only have to worry if it becomes a phobia, and your pet experiences tachycardia, anxiety, hyperventilation… In those cases, a little joke. It is essential to act immediately.

How to act in this situation?

  1. Do not pet the dog to try to calm him: if you do, the noise he hears will be thought of as dangerous, so you protect him.
  2. Leave it in its hiding place: If it feels calm in its den, do not remove it by force.
  3. Show yourself calm: if your dog sees you strange, it will be worse, show yourself as if nothing happened so that the dog is also calm.

This is how you can prevent it from going overboard. But… how to fix it? This therapy can help you:

  1. Play a video with your dog with rockets, firecrackers, noises…
  2. When the dog gets nervous, let him get used to it for 1 hour
  3. Put it on every day for a while, from less volume to more
  4. By the time it’s familiar and unfazed, your dog will be used to it.

Just by doing this, you will see that your dog stops being afraid of firecrackers. It is a fast and effective therapy that you can put into practice from one moment to another.

If we can help you, remember that you can bring your pet to us to work and get used to this sound quickly, without having a bad time, as if it were something usual and as if nothing was happening.

We hope we have helped you and that thanks to these tips, your dog can generally act in front of the sounds of firecrackers.

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