Dog for the elderly: how this faithful friend helps you

Is it a good idea for an older person to have a dog?

The truth is that a study from the Epidemiology and Community Health Journal in 2017 confirms that having a dog makes the elderly more active, which implies better cardiovascular and joint function, better health, and more happiness.

Why can a dog help the elderly?

It seems that dogs can not only help older adults to combat loneliness, depression or make them enjoy hours of fun, love, and company, but it is also good in terms of cardiovascular and joint health since it contributes to the older do more activity.

And, thanks to the company of a dog, older people will be forced to leave home every day to walk, make new friends, chat with other people… in short, lead a more active lifestyle and healthy than being indoors all day.

Of course, this is very beneficial for everyone, but especially the elderly are the ones who most need to get out to take the air and socialize with others.

And more when they are people who live alone at home.

What dog breeds are best suited for seniors?

There are specific breeds of dogs that are more recommended for the elderly. For example, Yorkshire is one of the most seen because it is very affectionate and easy to handle for the elderly.

The Maltese, Friesian, or Havanese Bichon is another of the favorites. They are small, friendly, intelligent dogs, and they need a lot of affection, so they are perfect for our elders. There are also the Pomeranians, great, very soft and affectionate.

If you have more space in the house, you can opt for a labrador. It is a large dog and is also perfect for the elderly, although they do need more exercise. Due to its dimensions, it can be more challenging to control on walks or when showering. On the good side, it is a breed of dog that is very intelligent, docile, and faithful to its owner.

At Las Damas, we have toy dogs that are ideal for living in flats. Also, they are friendly, affectionate, barely nag, and maintenance are a little complicated compared to other dogs. They are perfect!