Dog’s Day: Why is this day dedicated to our furry animals celebrated?

Did you know that there is “Dog Day”? These dogs that make us so happy deserve their day on the calendar. And the truth is that they have it because it is celebrated every July 21 since 2004.

Why is Dog Day celebrated?

The so-called “World Dog Day” has its reason for being. Although the reason for the existence of this world holiday is unknown, it is believed that it was created to demonstrate the great work that these animals provide to people.

We refer to the affection, to the company, to the great work that dogs do in rescuing people, helping blind people, etc. They are one of the family.

To celebrate, in the calendar of Spain every July 21, mention is made of man’s best friend. Although it indeed depends on the countries, because some celebrate it on August 26, an initiative that dates back to 2004 in the US and is also shared in countries like Mexico or Colombia.

But why is there this worldwide intention to have a dog day? Because it is a way to remember them even if they are not there and to make people aware of abandoned dogs who want a family to take care of them.

How to celebrate it?

The best way to celebrate it is by enjoying that great day together with your dog, giving it your love, your company, and its favorite snacks. But you can also upload a photo with a hashtag like #DiaMundialdelPerro or #DiadelPerro. Those who are trending topics just that day.

Of course, some organizations rescue animals that do free service days. For example, free vaccinations, neutering, spaying, adoption…

Now that you know that there is Dog Day, you just have to celebrate it as your body asks you. If they love to play, you can go to the park to play. If they love snacks, give them some more…

Stray Dog Day

Did you know that there is also an international street dog day? Specifically, it is held every July 27 to end abandonment. To make people aware that they should never do this. Because not only domestics have their day, they also deserve it.

On this day, some associations promote adoptions. But it is also asked to reflect on the state of the municipal kennels, which need a lot of help so that the dogs are in good condition.

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