How to feed a big breed dog

Did you know that big breed dogs have a different growth rate than those of a smaller breed?

The explanation is simple, and that is, the older the breed, the slower the metabolism and the longer it takes to reach adulthood. Also, the organism of large dogs tends to be damaged earlier. Therefore, you need to know how to feed big breed dogs:

Tips for feeding a big breed dog

First of all, what kind of dogs are we talking about when we say “large”? In general, when they exceed 67 cm or 40 – 50 cm in height at the withers. For example, Siberian husky, German shepherd, Labrador…

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When acquiring or adopting a big breed dog, it is important to take care of its nutrition. It is necessary to have a specific food. Likewise, you must give them an adequate amount of feed based on their weight and activity.

In general, these types of dogs have a series of genetic predispositions, and in many cases, they need a specific feed. Ideally, opt for a feed that has a balance between protein and fat.

As for the amount of feed, when they are babies, they eat more than small and medium dogs. But in adulthood, things change.

When a dog is a big breed and a puppy, the ideal is to give it a low-fat feed and control the portions well; 3 a day is enough. From the 6th month, you can already give 2 servings a day. But it is always better to consult with the vet, just in case.

After 6 years, the dog already enters the stage of old age, and it may have some wear on the joints. For this reason, it is better to give them a high-end feed that meets their needs.

The diet of the pet mustn’t miss some essentials. When buying feed, you must make sure that it has vitamins E and C, antioxidants, and is low in phosphorus. Of course, it is not recommended that the feed has more than 1.8% calcium and 1.6% phosphorus.

As for supplements, they are not recommended for large breeds. Let’s say that good food for big breed dogs already comes with essential fatty acids and minerals, everything necessary for their maintenance.

With these tips, your pet will be perfectly fed.

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