How to find a trusted dog breeder

Dog breeders are people dedicated to the development of a specific species of animal. Some breed dogs of different breeds, thanks to their intuition and knowledge. But when it comes to choosing a good dog breeder, not all professionals are the same. We give you a few tips to get it right:

Tips for choosing a trusted dog breeder

What to take into account when choosing a good canine breeder? It is expected that you have doubts about which professional to choose. Not all are the same, to the point that it is said that there may be good or bad breeders. Therefore, we want you to know how you can trust an excellent canine breeder.

First of all, you should know that many breeders do it for the love of the dog breed; Hence they strive and put so much effort into preserving and caring for their animals.

One of the details to take into account is that the breeder must provide a certificate indicating the state of health, the breed, and any other indication that he considers relevant for the dog if it does not contribute, distrust.

A good breeder must also know the psychology of the breed and understand the diseases to which it is most prone, its history, its behavior, etc. In short, everything about her.

A good dog breeder must also be a leader, to control the breeds and also so that the place where they are found is in the best conditions; since everything must meet the highest standards.

It is also vital that breeders choose highly qualified and trained staff so that the place is in perfect condition.

The breeder must be aware of the specific guidelines detailed by the FCI for crosses. It is a way to ensure that you are doing things well, to ensure the safety of your dogs.

Finally, if the dog breeder gives you good vibes, you are sure to be right, and everything works out.

If none of this is fulfilled, the hygienic conditions are disastrous. The dog is visually in poor condition or does not even expose the certificate, always distrust. You may be facing a lousy canine breeder.

We hope that these tips will be of help to you and remember that we are here, from Criador Las Damas, it will be a pleasure to help you.

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