How to teach your puppy to relieve themselves during the walk

Do you want to teach your puppy to relieve themselves during the walk? Would you like it? The truth is that dogs have to be helped when they are young to learn what is right, what is wrong, and how to do certain things. Like children! So, don’t miss these tips:

How to get your dog to relieve itself on a walking

How to get the dog to go “to the bathroom” while you go for a walk? These tips will help you get it from day one:

  • Learn their habits and when they usually defecate: In general, dogs usually relieve themselves quickly, between 5 and 30 minutes after eating. So, if you feed them and take them out for a walk after a few minutes, you will get them to relieve themselves. It is also common for them to feel like going to the bathroom after waking up.
  • Find a good place: while the dog is a puppy, it is better to find a safe and quiet place for them to feel comfortable.
  • Do not pressure them: you mustn’t rush them or yell at them. The dog must be calm and relieve themselves when they want. If you stress it out, it could be worse.
  • Schedules and habits: it is always better to establish a daily routine for walks and relieve yourself. The best thing is that you take it every day at the same time and to the place where it usually does. When they are older, do not worry that they will relieve themselves “anywhere.”
  • Reward their behavior: give them a small snack or a treat to show them that they have done very well, so they will know it and always do it the same way.
  • Do not be angry if at first, they do not defecate where you want: you mustn’t show negative attitudes in front of the dog because it could stress them, and that is fatal. Ideally, you should be calm and positive.
  • Be patient: Finally, we recommend that you be patient, especially since it may take you a few weeks to achieve. After all, you have to get used to your new home.


Now that you know how to teach your puppy to relieve themselves during the walk, it only remains for you to follow these tips to make it very easy.

Remember that if you have any questions or want to train your dog, we can help you. Do not hesitate to ask us what you need!

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