Is it OK to dress your dog during the winter? Things to keep in mind

When it’s cold, not only do people suffer but pets too. If you look closely, you may have seen your dog shiver on more than one occasion.

It is something natural, and it is normal for it to happen. Therefore, we will tell you if it is good to shelter your dog and everything you need to know.

Dressing your dog: yes or no? All you need to know

Of course, yes. You should keep your dog warm whenever it’s cold.

First of all, even if it is cold or bad weather, your dog must continue to go out every day to breathe, play a little, and relieve themself. It is important not to change routines even if it is cold in winter.

Of course, dressing up a dog is something that has always caused an interesting controversy. Because there are those, who say that it is good so that the dog does not get cold, but there are also those who say that the clothes make the dog uncomfortable. What is better?

Dressing a dog should not be confused with dressing up a dog. In the case of dressing it only for aesthetics, it is something that can annoy some and like others. However, dressing up a dog is not an option. It is necessary.

Just like you bundle up with a good coat when you go outside in winter, the dog needs to be protected from the cold not to get sick.

You must buy warm clothing, which, by the way, is increasingly seen and sold more. So it could be said that it is more the order of the day than ever. Many people have understood that it is not about aesthetics, but that putting coats on dogs when it is cold is necessary.

It must also be clear that not all dogs are the same. Some tolerate low temperatures better, and those who have a hard time. Breeds accustomed to cold (huskies, German shepherds) are made at low temperatures. They will even have a great time if they see snow!

Others, especially the short-haired and the smallest (almost all toy breed dogs), lose body temperature much faster and start to shiver when they go out.

Of course, everything will depend on how comfortable your dog feels when he goes out for a walk in the harsh winter.

There are special coats for the colder days, as well as raincoats for when it rains. And also with different sizes, depending on the size of your four-legged friend. In this way, you can be more comfortable and happy.

Thus, it is important that you analyze the reactions of your dog or if he catches a cold because, like a person, he can get sick.

Therefore, our advice is to “protect your pet whenever you go for a walk, and the weather is especially adverse if it needs it.”

We hope you put it into practice!

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