How to prepare your dog before leaving it in a kennel

If you have decided to leave your dog in the hands of a breeder, you will surely be a little scared; Because at the end of the day, they are another member of the family and is loved very much.

Therefore, so that the dog does not suffer and you are calm, we want to give you a series of tips to prepare the dog before leaving it with a breeder with a canine residence.

Tips for preparing a dog to be left with a sitter

If you have considered the possibility of leaving your dog in the hands of a caregiver, you should make sure of certain things before taking the step.

The first thing is to look for a trustworthy kennel, where they are professionals and have good evaluations. The familiar and close treatment is essential, both for the pet and for you. For this reason, you must let yourself be advised to be completely right with the choice.

At the time of booking, you must check that veterinary coverage is included, in case anything happens. In this way, everything will be covered in the price, and you can stay more calm.

But, what else to take into account so that everything goes well?

  • Add the dog’s microchip to their profile: so they can register it with their veterinary insurance and be covered against any unforeseen event.
  • It is essential to prepare everything the dog needs during her “getaway”: the necessary food, the feeder, the drinker, her leash, her collar, her favorite toys… everything.
  • Medicines: medicines mustn’t be lacking, as well as the veterinary card with all the information, to be able to consult it.

In addition to these 3 tips, you must know the caregiver who will be with your dog. A first contact always feels good, also to the dog, to become familiar and that there is no problem.

Keep in mind that you can communicate with the keeper at all times, to know that the dog is fine and that everything is going smoothly. Likewise, in some farms, it is possible to cancel the reservation.

Your attitude with the dog is also of great importance because the dog could notice that you are sad, and this mustn’t happen. It is better that you overlook that something strange is happening, that you think that everything continues as usual.

Dogs that are sociable and used to being with other dogs are always better adapted, which will also help you in your adventure.

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