10 steps to know if your dog is healthy

If your dog is in good health, their life expectancy will be longer, and he will have a better quality of life. Even if you take them to the vet at least once a year, it is good that you examine them at home frequently.

If you carry out control at your dog’s house, you will locate any problem in time to go to professionals. Taking good care of it will make your dog healthier and happier.

We tell you what things you should examine in your dog from time to time, to ensure that their health is in perfect condition. Take notes and add them to your care routine!

10 steps to analyze if your dog is healthy


Your dog’s eyes should be white and shiny. It is normal for you to have watery tears or mucus, although they should be clear and in small amounts.

It is not a good sign if the color of the eye is yellowish just as it is not good for the pink part of the eyelids to be inflamed, swollen, or have a yellow discharge.


In the mouth, you will have to examine several parts: teeth, gums, lips … The gums must be firm and black, pink, or with spots depending on the breed of the dog. The lips do not have to have any wound or dryness, it is part of the skin, and it must be healthy.

The teeth are usually whiter and softer when the dog is young. As they age, it is normal for them to darken a bit, but they should remain healthy. To keep your dog’s teeth clean, use toys, bones, and even a dog toothbrush.


Dogs, according to breed, have black, pink, or mottled noses. The discharge from the nose should be clear, but not thick, yellowish, or smelly.

Whether the dog’s nose is hot or cold, wet or dry, does not tell us anything about its health.


The color of the inside of healthy ears must be light pink and clean.

If there is a little wax, it is not bad, but it is terrible if there is too much. You should be concerned if your dog scratches them frequently or shakes their head a lot. Like it’s no good if they’re red or swollen.


For the dog to be healthy, it must have supple and soft skin. Its color can be pale pink, brown, black, or with spots if its fur also has them. Examine well if it has lumps, scabs, red parts, or white scales since they would be indicating a problem.


A healthy coat is when it looks shiny and supple, without excessive oiliness, dandruff, or baldness. If your dog has short hair, he doesn’t need as many brushing. But if your coat is long, you have to comb it once a week to keep it well.


Aside from weighing them and following your vet’s recommendations, you can examine them at home. To do this, touch them in the rib cage area, and you should feel their ribs under the skin. If not, consult a professional because you could have obesity.

Pulse and heart rate

Depending on the size and age of the dog, the heartbeat varies. The heart of a resting dog typically has 50 to 130 beats per minute. But small dogs or puppies have a higher number of heartbeats than others.


Dogs have a slightly higher temperature than humans, which is why they are always so warm!

Its normal average is 38.3 to 39.2 º. Whether they are below or above, you should go to the vet.


Both bowel movements should occur daily and in a normal way. Dog urine should be light yellow. And her stools are brown and firm, neither too soft nor too hard. Some dogs evacuate more and others less, depending on age, breed, diet …

Add these 10 steps to your care routine, and you can always have it ready. Some you can do it daily and others only occasionally.

Also, do not neglect their diet, that he goes outdoors every day, play and exercise, visit the veterinarian at least once a year … And your dog will enjoy a great quality of life!

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