Tips to get your pet used to living with a new one

Did you just adopt a new pet and already have one at home? In that case, we recommend that you take a look at the following tips to get your pet used to living with a new one.

How to get your pet used to living with a new one

If, until now, your pet, be it a dog or a cat, was the king of the house, it is possible that they feel a little displaced when having to live with another.

Your dog or cat may feel displaced and jealous of how you spend more time with your new puppy. However, although this reaction is expected, you must know how to get used to it before so that it does not suffer.

  • Introduce your new pet little by little: when the new pet arrives at your house, the presentation must be slightly by little, letting them first smell each other through the door of the house.
  • Make the presentation outside the home: It is recommended that both pets meet outside the home since the one who already lives with you will consider that space a neutral ground and not as their own.
  • Choose a quiet day for the presentation: your dog or cat that day should be well and calm so that the presentation is more friendly and there are no problems of any kind.
  • Be patient with both: you must have patience both with the pet already at home and with the new one. It is a difficult situation for both.
  • At first, better in separate rooms: you may have a room in your house for your pets. But if before it was only the one you already had at home, and now a new pet arrives, it could take it the wrong way, as it is invading your area. Better, they are separated at the beginning. Over time, if they come together, you can have them together.
  • Take your pet to the new room: when things calm down at home, it’s time for you to introduce your dog or cat to the room of the new pet that has just arrived home.
  • Little by little, increase the time you spend together: always start from less to more. The first days it is better to smell each other and spend a few minutes together, seeing each other and little else. Over time, make them spend more time playing and getting to know each other until they are friends.
  • Do not leave them alone: especially initially, you mustn’t leave them alone playing in a room without being in front of them, as they could fight, and it is surely the last thing you want. The best thing is that you are always with them, to watch over them. Over time, things change.

By following these tips, you will have no problem getting your dog or cat to accept the new pet at home. You will see!

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