How to take care of your dog’s pads: 6 essential tips

Dog pads are the equivalent of people’s footwear, and their main function is to protect the friction of the foot against the ground and cushion its weight.

Therefore, it is important to take care of them to last a long time in the best possible conditions. To make it possible, we give you 6 tips:

Tips for taking care of your dog’s pads

Although dog pads are very resistant, the truth is that they can wear out if they are not used as they should. And it is that there are some damages to which, without realizing it, they are exposed. They are as follows:

  • Dryness: If it is too cold or the day is very dry, the pads may crack due to dryness. In that case, it is better to use balms to hydrate and nourish the skin.
  • Irritation: After extensive walking, the pads can become irritated by rubbing against surfaces. It is always better to walk little by little, from less to more.
  • Cuts: keep in mind that dog pads are their footwear; therefore, you should pay attention to see what type of surfaces the dog steps on. May pass over broken glass, sharp objects…
  • Burns: Dogs using these pads can also be exposed to possible burns caused by stepping on a floor that is too hot. Some examples are the asphalt or the sand of the beach. The same can also happen with surfaces that are too cold, such as ice or snow.
  • Bites: If he plays or fights with another dog, he may get bitten on the pads. In that case, you should also be careful, especially if the other animal carries infection or disease.
  • Spikes: Spikes can also be damaged because they can easily enter the dog’s skin and cause damage. You must watch where you walk and remove it as soon as possible.

These are some of the main dangers you will find on the street when walking with your dog, both in winter and in summer.

By following these tips to take care of dog pads, you will not have to worry about anything, because your dog will be happy and healthy. You must take them into account so that it does not deteriorate or harm itself.

If you have any questions, remember that you can ask us, and it will be a pleasure to help you in everything in our power.

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