Shiba Inu, find out everything about this breed of dog

Do you know the Shiba Inu dog breed? What if I told you that it is very similar to the Akita breed – the famous dog “Hachiko”? If you want to discover everything and are looking for a Shiba Inu breeder, join us in this guide:

Shiba Inu Guide

Before buying Shiba Inu, you should know that it is the smallest of the dog breeds in Japan, one of the few ancient races. It is very agile and was originally bred for hunting, so it does very well in mountain terrain.

It is considered a primitive dog given its antiquity, since the first date back to 2000 BC. And, curiously, in 1920, its name was changed, and Shiba was added (inu is a dog in Japanese). While in 1934, it was considered a natural monument of Japan.

It has always been considered the “typical Japanese companion dog”. The quintessential pet. They have a wonderful character because they are very affectionate with their master and a good companion dog and children.

A great advantage of this beautiful dog is that it can live in flats or houses. Of course, they need activity and exercise, so someone in the house should take them out for a walk every day.

You will be surprised to know that this pet likes to ignore commands more easily. So, you must be patient. Of course, it is very intelligent but also independent. It is not the typical “lapdog.” It has personality.

Its character and the fact that it is so beautiful makes many people do not hesitate and want to buy Shiba Inu. Their beautiful eyes, their fur, how affectionate they are, the ease of care within an apartment and that they also take with the family makes it very popular to have in a small apartment.

Buying Shiba Inu

When it comes to acquiring this type of dog breed, it is always better to go to a Shiba Inu breeder to ensure that it is fully authentic and pure. It has those physical characteristics and those personality traits that define it so well.

Of course, when looking for a Shiba Inu breeder in your area, make sure that they are completely trustworthy and have an excellent reputation. After all, they will be your next best friend, and you want a healthy and authentic puppy.

At Las Damas, we are a Shiba Inu canine breeder, find out.

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